By nature of any role playing game where dice are involved, death is a real possibility.  There is a huge difference, however, between one of your PCs...View Details

This episode idea comes courtesy of Lauren in California!   Character Downtime is mishandled by too many DMs.  They look at it as time the characters ...View Details

If you'll pardon the phrase, this week Jeremy gushes over an event from the Dragonlance campaign world, Krynn:  the Cataclysm.  This world-altering ev...View Details

I was introduced to some of the wonderful members of the Venture Forth podcast a couple of months ago and I was taken aback by the quality of the podc...View Details

At last we wrap up the class series with the Sorcerer and the Wizard.  We're finally talking about some of those arcane spellcasters who can wield SUP...View Details

Today's episode comes to us from listener Brett.  Thank you for the topic suggestion!If there is Good and Evil in your world, why does Good allow Evil...View Details

They say a lie makes it around the world before the truth has time to get its shoes on.  Whether true or false, rumors make your game worlds feel real...View Details

Another episode continuing the lore series, this time focusing on one of my favorite Big Bads:  Strahd von Zarovich.  Treating him as just another vam...View Details

Ep 108 - Designing Quests

In this burboun-soaked episode, Jeremy discusses the different types of quests available, some of the variations on the themes, how to modify them by ...View Details

In this episode Jeremy talks about the different rules for Critical Hits and Misses in Pathfinder, Starfinder, and 5e; discusses some alternate rules ...View Details

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