Adding aerial or swimming combatants to your battlefield can make things very complicated very quickly.  It doesn't help matters when the different ga...View Details

I received a listener suggestion to talk about some of the classes available in 5e and Pathfinder.  This episode starts that series, beginning with th...View Details

"Part of the journey is the end," as it was so wisely said.  As tough as it can be guiding the adventure to an end, handling the end properly can be s...View Details

Oops.  One of your PCs was just bitten by a werewolf and have begun the transformation into a howling, flesh-devouring monster.  How do you handle thi...View Details

Combat encounters are easy.  Stab, slash, or shoot the other team until they aren't trying to kill you.  Non-combat encounters can be just as challeng...View Details

The Blood War isn't good vs evil.  It's evil vs evil.  In Dungeons and Dragons Demons and Devils have been battling it out for millennia in what's kno...View Details

Do you struggle describing what the characters see?  Do you need a magic method to instantly make you better?  I can't help with that but I can provid...View Details

Is combat getting a little bit...stale?  Are your D&D or Pathfinder combats taking too long and they have become a long battle of hit point attrit...View Details

Prewritten modules and adventures are a DM's friend.  They are simple, canned documents that you can insert into your world as needed but they're bett...View Details

You're starting a new campaign!  Yay!  Everything is so shiny and new.  Your DM has asked you to come up with a backstory for your dragonborn druid fr...View Details

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