A good villain can make or break your campaign.  How do you make villains that feel real, are well-rounded, and memorable for your players?  Come on i...View Details

Magic items are supposed to be these powerful relics that can make your PCs harder, better, faster, and stronger (we'll miss you Daft Punk).  So why d...View Details

Hack and slash games are fun where you don't have to worry about the emotional state of the players or NPCs and you can just throw dice.  Suppose you ...View Details

What is it about ruins that make them so good for DMs and players?  How do ruins come to be?  How can a GM use ruins in a campaign and what are some t...View Details

Continuing the monster series, this time Jeremy tackles the iconic Beholder, a potential floating Total Party Kill with eyestalks.  What are these cre...View Details

You may have heard the terms "High Magic" and "Low Magic" when describing adventure settings but what does that even mean?  Is LSD involved?  Where wo...View Details

Once you find a potential DM or players, how do you know they will be the right ones for your game?  How do you know the game will be the right one fo...View Details

Should you use cliffhangers to entice your players?  If so, how and how often?  Fear not.  This short episode has got all of that covered.  Give it a ...View Details

Happy Valentine's Day!  The Monster Series resumes this time focusing on those alpha dogs of the necromantic RPG world:  liches.  How do DMs use them ...View Details

Wizards of the Coast and Paizo have wisely removed some of the problematic depictions of ancestries and ethnicities, adding nuance to those previously...View Details

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