The Gap is an aberration in the lore of most RPG products:  a time where history is completely broken and no records remain.  What do we know about th...View Details

Before the MCU introduced the world to that word, "Multiverse" meant something different in the RPG world:  a collection of universes, each of which w...View Details

This week Jeremy discusses the flexible tool for DMs known as the Rule of Three, including the 3 Clue Rule and other variants of this handy method you...View Details

This week's topic comes courtesy of Andreas Jonasson who listens from Sweden and generously donated to my ko-fi at  In this...View Details

DMs are the sources of truth for the game world.  The players depend on us to provide the facts about encounters, the world, and NPCs and we should be...View Details

Democracies are largely prevalent on planet earth but you hardly ever see them in an RPG setting.  In this episode, Jeremy discusses why RPGs are rare...View Details

Gaming inspiration can come from published material from existing game worlds.  In this episode we talk briefly about the Orcgate Wars, its history, t...View Details

We all love campaigns that have actions and reactions grounded in realism but in this episode, Jeremy asks, is the work to make things realistic worth...View Details

Ep 129 - Pathfinder Nexus

Listener Peter sent an email asking about Paizo's planned Pathfinder Nexus so I went digging through the archives and recorded interviews from PaizoCo...View Details

If you've never DM'd at a convention or one night at a gaming store, it's just a little different.  While you could try to duplicate your gaming exper...View Details

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