Ep 144 - Types of Horror

Welcome to Horror Month at the Taking 20 Podcast!  All month we will be talking about scary/spooky topics to hopefully make your RPGs even better.  Th...View Details

There are a huge number of people and companies producing a plethora of RPG content for various systems out there.  Some of this content makes for gre...View Details

I'm not done with nerfing!  There's a major aspect of not nerfing PCs that I forgot to cover last week:  letting your PCs excel at what they're good a...View Details

Sometimes games can get out of balance and it can feel like the PCs have all of the advantages and that's probably because they do.  GMs may be tempte...View Details

Ep 140 - Spelljammer

Spelljammer is Dungeons and Dragons' attempt to bring a touch of sci fi to their traditional fantasy RPG.  It's like 50s Pulp Sci Fi novels were inser...View Details

Ep 139 - Betrayal

Betrayal is a common story trope you see in movies, books, and even let's play podcasts.  It can be an amazing moment to include in your game but shou...View Details

It's hard to make NPCs that the PCs will trust, open up to, be vulnerable with.  Unfortunately it's not something that anyone can do with 100% success...View Details

The Gap is an aberration in the lore of most RPG products:  a time where history is completely broken and no records remain.  What do we know about th...View Details

Before the MCU introduced the world to that word, "Multiverse" meant something different in the RPG world:  a collection of universes, each of which w...View Details

This week Jeremy discusses the flexible tool for DMs known as the Rule of Three, including the 3 Clue Rule and other variants of this handy method you...View Details

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