The 4 elements of creation in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder lore are so powerful that each has its own plane of existence.  What's on these plan...View Details

If you've reached the point where you need to leave the gaming group, the next steps in the process are going to be difficult emotionally and fraught ...View Details

Ep 151 - Burnout

Much is written about DM burnout.  But you're a player and while you know you should be excited for the Dungeons and Dragons or RPG session tonight, y...View Details

Ep 150 - Rovagug

Don't forget to send me your contest entries before Friday, November 19th!  Minor milestone as we hit episode #150.  This week we will talk about Rova...View Details

Good ideas can come from anywhere:  movies, music, streaming series, and even video games.   You may think that I only mean RPG video games like Drago...View Details

We conclude horror month with the mysterious and aloof creatures of the Feywild or First World.  What makes these creatures scary?  What the heck are ...View Details

Today is a mini-listener mailbag episode addressing two major aspects of horror games, tension at the table and corruption in your game world.  Please...View Details

Ep 146 - The Afterlife

In this episode, we discuss the published lore in 5e and Pathfinder about what happens after characters pass away.   A fellow podcaster and DM, Thorin...View Details

While there are similarities between the ethereal and astral planes in the way 5e and Pathfinder present them, there are distinct differences and they...View Details

Ep 144 - Types of Horror

Welcome to Horror Month at the Taking 20 Podcast!  All month we will be talking about scary/spooky topics to hopefully make your RPGs even better.  Th...View Details

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