Gaming inspiration can come from published material from existing game worlds.  In this episode we talk briefly about the Orcgate Wars, its history, t...View Details

We all love campaigns that have actions and reactions grounded in realism but in this episode, Jeremy asks, is the work to make things realistic worth...View Details

Ep 129 - Pathfinder Nexus

Listener Peter sent an email asking about Paizo's planned Pathfinder Nexus so I went digging through the archives and recorded interviews from PaizoCo...View Details

If you've never DM'd at a convention or one night at a gaming store, it's just a little different.  While you could try to duplicate your gaming exper...View Details

Low level characters die so easily.  The game world is full of traps, monsters and all sorts of things looking to do them harm.  As a player, how to y...View Details

It can be hard to find a Dungeons and Dragons group to play with.  When you finally find one, it may be even harder to make the decision to leave the ...View Details

Game Masters, vampires are fascinating characters from both literary and RPG lore.  They are always powerful, beautiful, and mysterious, right?  Not s...View Details

We DMs tend to be quick to tell players to grab their dice during our game sessions but should we?  Before having your players make yet another roll t...View Details

Running games for younger players has some similarities to running games for adults but there are some key differences that we all must be mindful of....View Details

Ep 122 - Failing Forward

Players, do you get disheartened when your character fails their acrobatics check and slips off the ice into the freezing river?  DMs, do you worry th...View Details

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