Do you struggle describing what the characters see?  Do you need a magic method to instantly make you better?  I can't help with that but I can provid...View Details

Is combat getting a little bit...stale?  Are your D&D or Pathfinder combats taking too long and they have become a long battle of hit point attrit...View Details

Prewritten modules and adventures are a DM's friend.  They are simple, canned documents that you can insert into your world as needed but they're bett...View Details

You're starting a new campaign!  Yay!  Everything is so shiny and new.  Your DM has asked you to come up with a backstory for your dragonborn druid fr...View Details

Owlbears - one of my favorite monstrosities to throw at my players.  Sneaky ambushers?  Nah.  Subtlety is for chumps.  In this episode we talk about t...View Details

You were looking forward to an antagonist for the PCs that would last a few months.  You had a plan to integrate him into two of the PCs' backstories ...View Details

This topic was suggested by Adrian Young on the Taking 20 Facebook page.  Lots of DMs burn out because they spend hours and hours preparing for gaming...View Details

Certain conditions that affect characters can have a negative effect at your table.  While I don't advocate completely getting rid of some of these co...View Details

Artifacts can be simple engines to generate adventures or powerful items wielded by the PCs to accomplish a mission or slay a powerful creature.  Used...View Details

Succubi and their lesser known male cousins, the incubi:  devious, corrupting masters of temptation with pleasures of the flesh and mind.  How can a D...View Details

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